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General Terms of Sales

 Older people with capecidad to hire, after they have registered, they can access our services and buy our products. The data to be incorporated in the form must be complete and real www.ziveozvuceni.cz reserves the right to refuse or terminate those who do not meet this requirement. It is your responsibility to save the username and password.

Buy in www.ziveozvuceni.cz

 The registered users can buy on our site. The prices shown on the pages are the final in Euros (€) and include taxes. Registration and acceptance of these conditions means conformity to the product and its features and price.


 The means of payment will be credit card and PayPal. If you want to use PayPal, you need to contact our customer service before the Email.

Transaction Security

 Botasonline uses all means to ensure the security of data transmitted over the web and on our website. For example, our website uses a secure payment SSL (Secure Socket Layer).


 We use international courier service DHL Express or EMS. This usually costs 5-8 days to ship the products to your home. All orders are shipped from our warehouse within 24 business hours after you place your order. But if you encounter payment problems, tartar longer.

Exchange, Return and Refund
 We want you to be completely satisfied, and before delivery, we carefully examine the items, so once the items are sold, with the exception of serious quality problems, in general, we will not accept the return and exchange articles. Please understand it.
 Requests for return and exchange unacceptable:
 1. If there are minor flaws, but still can be used.
 Two. Subjective reasons as "not about articles I've seen on the other site" "I hate that color. '
 Three. If the shoes are dirty, broken, or traces, affecting resale, we will not accept returns and exchanges.
 April. The force majeure such as weather, natural disasters and other delays caused by the load.
 If you have any problems, please contact our customer service as soon as possible to fix it right.